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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

19 Minutes Is Too Long

In an Emergency, 19 minutes is 18 minutes too long

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Re. March 6 Forum letter by Troy Stephens, "Peoria emergency response system model for nation"

I worry about other communities around the nation if, as Mr. Stephens states, Peoria's EMS system is truly a model. Several weeks ago, we had the unfortunate occasion to call 911 for my 82-year-old mother. The firefighters from Station 11 responded in less than three minutes. They quickly assessed the situation and began CPR. They radioed to ask where Advanced Medical Transport (AMT) was, only to learn that their expected arrival time was still 10 minutes. Unfortunately, by this time, they could find no signs of life in my mother.

The firefighters tried their best but were limited to the life support they can provide. They told us that had they detected any vitals, they would have transported my mother in their truck to Proctor Hospital, less than five minutes away. They were courteous and compassionate in talking with me. I cannot thank the firefighters from Station 11 enough. I wish the same could be said for the AMT personnel, as they rather coldly told me they were stopping their efforts and the coroner would be called.

All told, it took AMT 19 minutes to respond. If this had been Mr. Stephens' mother, I wonder if he would still feel that Peoria is doing something right regarding our emergency response system. When it is your family member dying, 19 minutes is 18 minutes too long.

Shelley Wilson


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car54 said...

The key word here is EMERGENCY 19 minutes? My neighbor could take me & stop for coffee and DOnuts and probably get to the ER with 5 minutes to spare. a "model" for the country I hope not this may be "playing in Peoria" but once the "deathtoll" is taken we dont see the rest of the country "buying tickets" for this one.

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