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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Peoria City Council--August 9, 2005

Peoria City Council August 9, 2005–Citizens’ Forum

I had the opportunity to address the city council 5 weeks ago regarding the PFD paramedics not being permitted to use their skills during a medical emergency. Shortly after that council meeting I was told that a meeting was to occur with local authorities that control EMS in Peoria. I have been told by EMS providers both inside and outside Peoria that a change has been made by Peoria’s ambulance doctor, Dr. Rick Miller that will now allow PFD paramedics to use their skills ONLY if the AMT paramedics request the PFD paramedic to help at the scene.

Would it be possible for the people of Peoria to have verification of this change? (Councilman Spears had asked for the same thing from City Manager Oliver earlier in the meeting.)

I have two additional questions: if there has been a change in this policy, why did it take a decade for these changes to occur? And if the PFD paramedic identifies a problem, why does AMT have to ask for help? What if AMT is not at the scene yet?

Interestingly, Dr. Rick Miller wrote in the Peoria Area Emergency Medical Services newsletter in the spring of 2004, “Extension of advanced life support to East Peoria, Morton, Washington, and Fulton County have taken emergency medical response to levels not even considered 20 years ago. "Comment: The people in Peoria have never been told what Miller’s change was in the memo but many people have confirmed to me that the above is true. I think it is so weak that the media did not want to print Miller’s anemic change —- the PFD paramedic can secure the airway with a tube in an injured or sick person if requested by an AMT paramedic. Remember, that the PFD paramedics moonlight in other cities (and also for AMT) and provide their paramedic skills without asking anyone. Why not in Peoria? Why do people in Peoria need to wait for paramedic skill when the paramedic may be on scene?

John A. Carroll, MD

After the gentleman had his fatal cardiac arrest in the restaurant, Miller stated that Peoria Fire Department paramedics could put the breathing tube (intubate) patients only if asked to do so by Advanced Medical Transport. What will happen to the patient if Advanced Medical Transport is not on the scene and the patient needs a secure airway? And the Peoria Fired Department paramedics still can't administer advanced life saving drugs at the scene of an accident or for medical problems such as cardiac arrest. I don’t believe the Journal wanted to report such nonsense.

Also, the president of the Peoria Medical Society wrote me and told me the emergency medical system was working very well in the Peoria area, however at the end of his letter, he advised me not to reproduce the contents of his letter.

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