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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Introduction--Peoria's Medical Mafia

Introduction-Peoria’s Medical Mafia

Medical mafia—I have never forgotten when a well-known Peoria physician used this term to describe for me how the medical system operates here in River City. Physicians and institutions in central Illinois sometimes make decisions based on what is best for their bottom line rather than the patient’s health. Greed motivates this situation and fear—fear of job loss and other financial punishments, fear of ostracization by a close knit community—keeps it in place. The term medical mafia perfectly explains much of the four-year saga I have been on since being fired from OSF St. Francis Medical Center in 2001.

In the hopes that constructive changes can be made regarding some dangerous situations, I want to share my experiences with as many people as possible. After years of attempting to work within the confines of OSF and the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, I finally realized that there is no adequate checks and balances within either system. Silence and denial are integral components to stifle ideas. Although not ideal by any means, a weblog (blog) seems the best way to disseminate this information.

My objectives are to detail serious problems related to OSF, Emergency Medical Services in Peoria, The Catholic Diocese of Peoria, and Haitian Hearts. I will show how the problems involving all four entities are linked. I will discuss how powerful men and women can hurt the not-so-powerful people in central Illinois as well as sick Haitian children needing heart surgery.

The first step toward change is an awareness of the problem. I want to educate people as to how these organizations really operate. I have 4 years of letters, articles, and notes of conversations that I have used in this blog. These sources will provide evidence for the events I will describe. I will include names at times and will leave other names out to protect people from injury.

The blog is divided into 3 main sections: OSF, Haitian Hearts, and Emergency Medical Services in Peoria. All are written in as much of a chronologic order as I could to keep 4 years of material as understandable as possible.

It is possible this site will anger powerful people and institutions. If I am told to “cease and desist” from further writing, I will let you know and take appropriate action. If changes occur in systems that our failing us now, I will also let you know.

John Carroll, M.D.


Anonymous said...

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

This is a great service. So much of our medical system is hidden from view. Doctors and nurses know well the ongoing problems inside our healthcare institutions but are reluctant to tell the public - this blog shows what can happen!

This is particularly bad when the institution holds itself out as one based on religious values.

This is a very sad story. But one we all need to hear in order to demand the changes necessary in our healthcare institutions.

Belinda Gwen said...
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Anonymous said...

Just for the record, there is no MISSION STATEMENT. There may be a statement but believe me there is no mission. It is all false advertisment to make patients FEEL some thing that does not exsist. It is an public illusion. Would you feel comfortable enough to leave a loved one in a hospital that had one nurse on night shift? Or on a floor that needed 4 nurses?I hope you don't feel comfortable and you might just move in your loved ones room,because that is the only way you can know they are being taken care of. Not the nurses fault not the nurses aides fault, I have meet some great nurses and aides, but the odds are against them. You can have a great Doctor,surgeon, but if you have a nurse or aide with only minuets to spend with you, your risk of death is very high. Who are these people? These people who have to know what danger lives in osf and they do nothing. The last time my husband was a patient in the forest park, I ask his nurse we saw 1 time in 12 hours, how many other patients she had. she said 10. First she was very difficult to understand , I don't know what country she came from she looked some what Asian. So being unable to really understand her, made me wonder what she understood. If a nurse has 10 patients how can she take care of them? From what I saw they can not. As I sat day after day, (they did provided me with a roll away bed) night after night I was wondering how much the hospital BILL would be. When we got home I was in total disblief, the amout of money osf wanted for care that my husband did not get. Do you go any where and just pay for something you never got? We are talking about a persons life! Does the hospital know that? I would rather think they don't know than to know they do know but don't care. After a month a man from the hospital came to our home, asking to see the title to our cars, and wanted to know if we owned our house? Now keep in mind my husband was still very sick, this really upset him to the point that he called the police to have this man from OSF removed from our property. This is a CATHOLIC HOSPITAL. Or so I thought, I was way wrong. I had been told that OSF was a good hospital, I found out they are not. When we recieved a patient survey we tossed it in the garbage, knowing if we told them what we thought they would just file it in the round file. so we just did it for them. We were all ready feeling like we had put them out. What happened to St.Francis? We have lived her 40 years we have always gone to St.Francis over the last 10 years care for people is low priority, it is easy to see on every ones face who works there. And I would really like to know were all of those Asian people came from, and why the night shift is 90% Asian? Where are the nurses from the USA? The country we live in? Where are they! I wrote to the Journal Star, and they refused to put it in there paper, obvious to me that they are connected to the hosptial and they are going to protect the hospital, and leave the public in the dark. They are cowards or have money to lose or something. I have no respect for what use to be St.Francis or the journal star as they both are cowards and liars, and are putting people are risk of death so they can all drive nice cars and live in big fancy houses. We live in washington and we have seen this keith stephens house and the cars he drives, and we say to each other "do you think we bought that car for him"we laugh but it is not funny. we know that. If the Catholic community is willing to stand behind such disregaurd for human life they to are to blame. We have even started going to another church, we have been Catholic all of our lives, but this experiance with a Catholic hospital has turned us away.

Anonymous said...

When I read that Sister Judith Ann felt the need to ask...ask some one else to talk to Keith about John Carroll, right there some thing is wrong REALLY wrong if a Catholic Nun is afraid. Then the business women who did talk to Keith felt fear as Keith discribes Satan to her? The greed in his spirit is over whelming. To scare off a married couple that tried to talk to him? FEAR is EVIL/ Need I say more Keith? I can hardly believe any one other than a gang member would have these type of feelings, no consciouness, not soul, don't care about the sick and the poor, Keith Stepphen has made a joke of the Sisters Mission.All I can say is I am glad that I am not him or any one in his family who enjoys his wealth that he takes from the sick and dying. As A christian I know that I should pray for him Keith. I will but Jesus and his Father know it is hard for me. The original Nuns who came here to do good work have now been replaced by a demon at work 24/7 .

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