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Friday, March 03, 2006

Emergency Medical Systems Failure in Peoria

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics in any system find themselves in very tough situations in the field at the scene of an accident, shooting, mass casualty, heart attack, pediatric emergencies, overdoses, etc. Everything can be more difficult in a setting that is not controlled. I believe that the AMT medics and the PFD medics work well together in the street. The PFD and AMT’s notes on the chart are frequently the most important pieces of information for the ER doctor and admitting physician to try and figure out what is wrong with the patient.

The EMT’s and Paramedics “in the trenches” should not be blamed for bad patient outcomes if the system is at fault. The emergency medical system is set up locally by the doctor who controls the ambulances (Project Medical Director) and the City Council making policy for what the municipal fire department can and cannot do. The City Council is very dependent on getting sound advice from the doctor. And further downstream is the patient who can only hope the people protecting him and his family are well informed and benificent in their approach to emergencies in their community.

George Hevesy and Rick Miller have been the ambulance doctors for Peoria for the majority of the past 2 decades.

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