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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Slow Down Surgery--Part II

Slow Down Surgery Part II

The following is part of a letter that I wrote to Bishop Daniel Jenky on November, 22, 2002:

Dear Bishop Jenky,

On June 27, 2002, I brought a 9 pound 4 month old Haitian baby named Samuel to OSF-SFMC for heart surgery. Samuel is a “blue baby”. The pediatric cardiologist saw Samuel shortly after our arrival in Peoria and recommended surgery in one week. Surgery was postponed week after week for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, Samuel suffered a respiratory arrest in his foster family’s home in Roanoke, Il. Their seventeen year old daughter peformed CPR on Samuel and he was able to survive the ambulance ride to the emergency department. I met them there and with the help of the ED staff continued his resuscitation. By the grace of God, Samuel survived and two weeks later was operated with a successful outcome.

Shortly after Samuel’s arrival in the emergency department after his arrest, I spoke with Paul Kramer, Executive Director of Children’s Hospital. He told me that OSF administration was not involved in the six week delay prior to Samuel’s arrest. When I talked to Kramer, Samuel’s host mother was present and she told Kramer she did not believe him. He was a critically ill baby whose cardiologist had recommended surgery as mentioned above. This was an obviously life threatening event for Samuel and a horrific event for the foster family to experience.

(At the end of the letter I asked Bishop Jenky what I should do about administrators making medical decisions about Haitian children. The Bishop never responded.)

Several months later I told Monsignor Rohlfs about Samuel and his care at OSF. He responded, “If it ever happens again, let me know.”

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