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Monday, March 06, 2006

Jackson's Letter to Sister Judith Ann

Jackson’s Letter to Sister Judith Ann

Date: Sat Dec 17 11:24:44 2005From: “Realname” To:,,

Subject: From Jackson Jean-Baptiste to Sister Judith Ann

Sister, this took Jackson over an hour to write.

“Dear Mrs. the president of hospital to Peoria,

Today I’m decide to writing your because I feel I can not keep any more. Mrs. the president I’m asking you from time to time for give me a chance, because I think only you and God how can give me a new life again. Mrs…I’m descend in front of your leg for don’t let me die, please and please Mrs…I’m with for your answer. What now to be able to suffer anymore.”

Jackson Jean-Baptiste
December 17, 2005

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Red White &Bluecollar said...

you really gotta be coldhearted to turn down a deathbed wish like that one i think you would have gotten a lot more help from some jaded hollywood moviestar

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